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Our company has over 35 years in Bookkeeping, Payroll, and Tax return.

We love to accommodate our clients and we are open to negotiation to suit your needs!

Quickbooks Setup.

Customer Invoicing.

Collections & Small Claims.

Accounts Payable.

Accounts Receivable.

Balance Sheet, Profit & Loss, Trial Balance and Customized Reports.

Payroll, W-2's,1099's Quarterly Reports.

Bank Reconciliation, Online Banking, Credit Card Reconciliation.

Inventory Tracking, COGS Analysis

Sales & Meals Tax Returns .

Monthly Financials.

Budgeting & Forecasting.

Translation of documents.

ITIN Applications.

Offer in Compromise Application.


lmk tax and bookkeeping Service' will not only keep you organized but will also save you money


One small business helping another!

on call  24 hours and we are affordable

Our Services and Products 

Service : Corporate 

Bookkeeping service with payroll service and corporation tax return and personal tax return $300.00 per month

Bookkeeping service & payroll base on the number of employee's 1 to 3  $150.00

 per month

Bookkeeping service & payroll base on the number of employee's 4 to 25  $200. per month

Service :Payroll

Payroll service 1 to 3 employee's : $75.00 per month

Payroll service 4 to 25 employee's: $100.00 per month

Bookkeeping service

Bookkeeping service starts at  $75.00 per month (depending on the size of the company)

Service: personal  tax return

single  return :$100.00

Married file joint return $150.00

Married file separate return  $125.00

Schedule C as DBA  Return is extra  $50.00

and other returns is base on the information



Portuguese: $25.00.00 hourly

Cape Verdean: $25.00 hourly
Spanish: $25.00 hourly

Insurance Audit : $250.00


Credit repair: $60.00 per month

Apply for ITIN#: $100.00 

IRS CALLS, Offer of Compromise

We work with the IRS and the State in Negotiation on your debt in lowering your payments and negotiate arrangements. 

Quickbook Training   $250.00